Discover KLM Royal Dutch Inflight Wi-Fi in 2023

The oldest operating airline, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the national airline of the Netherlands. Based in Amstelveen, KLM Airlines uses Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as its hub. The airline operates scheduled flights to over 145 destinations around the world which covers North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, etc.

Learn about KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi and its pricing to stay connected in the air. As the oldest airline, KLM provides Wi-Fi service on board is the portal to connect to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Wi-Fi.

Connecting To KLM Royal Dutch Inflight Wi-Fi

You can start using the KLM inflight Wi-Fi facility after your flights take off. In order to use the WiFi Services, the User acknowledges and accepts it should have its own WiFi-compatible device (e.g. a computer with a wireless card, a WiFi-enabled smartphone or tablet) appropriate to carry out WiFi connection.

By using the KLM inflight Wi-Fi portal you can check your flight’s latest status and book flights to other destinations. To connect your device to KLM’s Wi-Fi, you can follow these straightforward steps, ensuring a hassle-free experience while staying connected in the air.

  • To ensure a smooth connection onboard, start by activating Airplane mode on your device.
  • Next, access your device’s settings and enable the Wi-Fi option.
  • Look for the KLM Wi-Fi network in the available networks list and connect to it. Once connected, you will be automatically redirected to the KLM onboard Wi-Fi portal, where you’ll find detailed instructions guiding you through the setup process.
  • At this point, you have the flexibility to choose a data plan that suits your needs. You can opt for a free messaging plan or select a paid Wi-Fi data plan, depending on your preferences and requirements.

KLM Royal Dutch Inflight Wi-Fi Passes

If your flight has Wi-Fi, you can purchase one of the Wi-Fi passes. Availability of passes may depend on the destination and the type of aircraft you’re flying. You can buy a Wi-Fi pass during check-in or on-board your flight.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has inflight Wi-Fi service on both their European flights and intercontinental flights. Travellers can get the free Message Pass which provides free messaging on all international flights. Through services like WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, and others, travelers can use this to send and receive text messages. Passengers flying to destinations within Europe can enjoy 30 minutes of free wifi but you cannot send or receive photos, videos, or audio files.

And Intercontinental flight passengers will get an hour of complimentary Wi-Fi access for social media messaging. After the complimentary time, passengers can purchase the available packages. To satisfy passengers’ different demands, KLM offers two different packages ‘Surf’ and ‘Stream’. The benefits of the packages remain the same on both European flights and intercontinental flights but prices differ depending on the destination. 

Surf Pass

With this pass, you can send and get text messages, browse the internet, and send and receive emails. However, streaming is not suggested. Travelers will probably be able to watch a buffering screen more frequently than the real video due to the Surf Pass’s internet connectivity speed.

Stream Pass

The Stream Pass is available on Boeing 777 and Airbus A330. With this pass, you can access the internet, write and receive emails with attachments, send and receive messages with images, videos, and audio files, and stream songs, audio, and video.

European Flights Passes:

Free messagingFREE30 Minutes
Surf8 EUROFull Flight
Stream12 EUROFull Flight

Intercontinental Flights Passes: 

Free messagingFREE30 Minutes
Surf-18 EURO1 hour
Surf-218 EuroFull Flight
Stream30 EUROFull Flight
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