Singapore Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi Connectivity 2023

Singapore Airlines or simply SIA is the flag carrier airline in Singapore. The airline has been ranked as the world’s best airline four times by Skytrax. In 1947 the airline was founded as Malayan Airways then in 1972 Commenced as Singapore Airlines.

The airline uses Changi Airport as its main hub & daily serves 137 destinations in 32 countries around the world. In 2019 it was nominated as the best cleanest airline and best airline cabin crew.

In-flight Wi-Fi service is available when the aircraft has reached cruising altitude, which is above 10,000 feet (approximately 30 minutes after take-off, and up to 30 minutes prior to arrival). is the portal to connect to Singapore Airlines Wi-Fi. Learn about Singapore Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi and its pricing to stay connected in the air.

Connecting to Singapore Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi

To begin using mobile services during your flight, follow these simple steps:

  • Turn off airplane mode: Disable airplane mode on your device to enable connectivity.
  • Enable Wi-Fi and Roaming: Go to your device settings and activate both Wi-Fi and roaming options.
  • Search for ‘Aeromobile’ or ‘OnAir’ Network: Look for the mobile network named ‘Aeromobile’ or ‘OnAir’ in the list of available networks on your device.
  • Wait for an SMS: Once connected to the network, wait for a text message. You’ll receive an SMS notification confirming that mobile services are available for use.
  • You’re Connected: Once you receive the SMS, congratulations! You are now successfully connected to the in-flight mobile network.
  • Start Using Data and Services: With the confirmation SMS received, you can now freely use data, send and receive emails, texts, and browse the internet on your device.

Singapore Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi Paid Plans

In-flight Wi-Fi speed is the same across all cabins. The Wi-Fi speed is dependent on a few factors such as weather conditions, territorial regulations, satellite coverage, the number of concurrent users as well and the type of activity performed on the device.

If you are not a passenger from one of the classes mentioned above, you won’t be able to avail yourself of the complimentary Wi-Fi plan. If you still need to access the internet, you could purchase one of the three available plans for using in-flight Wi-Fi depending on your usage and need.

While you are at it, remember that you would not be able to use the service again on the same payment on a second flight if you are a passenger for a connecting flight. In such cases, you would need to purchase the Wi-Fi again.  

The plans depending on the needs have been drawn in the table below in detail:

1-hour Surf Plan1 hour of continuous Wi-Fi access. The plan cannot be paused.$3.99
3-hour Surf Plan3 hours of continuous Wi-Fi access. The plan cannot be paused.$8.99
Full Flight Surf PlanStay connected for the entire flight.$15.99
The in-flight Wi-Fi price plans are subject to change. Do refer to our in-flight Wi-Fi portal for the latest price plans and promotions. This service is non-refundable once purchased. Refund requests are subject to review.

Singapore Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi Free

Your free Wi-Fi allowance will depend on your class of travel if you are a KrisFlyer member flying in Suites, First Class, or Business Class. Unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi is offered to passengers traveling in Suites, First Class, Business Class, PPS, and supplementary card holders. KrisFlyer members in Premium Economy and Economy Class can avail of Complimentary Surf sessions.

To claim your complimentary access, visit the portal select the “Complimentary Access” option, and fill out the details. The details for the complimentary Wi-Fi allowed are drawn in the table below:

Suites/First ClassUnlimited data time
Business Class / PPS Club members and supplementary cardholders100 MB maximum usage
KrisFlyer members in Premium Economy and Economy Class2 hours of chatting in SNS apps

Singapore Airlines Inflight Wi-fi Coverage

Wi-Fi speed and experience differ from ground network, inflight Wi-Fi is available when the aircraft is above 10,000 feet.

Due to satellite coverage and regulatory requirements, Wi-Fi will not be available when the aircraft is flying over India, Iran, and Turkey airspace on the Airbus A380 and A350-900 Medium Haul aircraft, as well as selected Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.


Customers may connect up to a maximum of 3 devices, concurrently on complimentary Wi-Fi plans.

  • This feature is applicable only to all complimentary Wi-Fi plans including the unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi plans for First Class, Business Class, PPS, and KrisFlyer members in Premium Economy and Economy Class.
  • This feature wouldn’t be applicable to paid Wi-Fi plans.
  • To connect the second and third devices, the passenger should follow the existing redemption process by entering the same email used for the first device, last name, and seat number in the ‘Complimentary Access’ section on their second or third devices.
Please email the respective service providers if you face an issue with the purchased Wi-Fi plan.
SITAONAIR: [email protected] 
Panasonic: [email protected]


In-flight Wi-Fi can only be used on one device at a time. You may switch devices or purchase a separate Wi-Fi plan to use on multiple devices concurrently.

Things to Know

Inflight Wi-Fi availability can be affected by various factors. These include current weather conditions, as certain weather patterns can interfere with signals. Additionally, if the aircraft has not yet reached its cruising altitude, typically above 10,000 feet, the Wi-Fi service might not be operational.

Flying over countries that haven’t authorized the service can also lead to unavailability. Furthermore, technical difficulties with the onboard systems can temporarily disrupt Wi-Fi connectivity. In some cases, the aircraft might be flying over regions where there is no connectivity, such as polar regions, leading to a lack of internet service.

These factors, among others, can influence the availability of in-flight Wi-Fi services, and passengers are often informed about these limitations during their journey.

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